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Who ya gonna call? Student Resources!

We all need help, whether it be with our Excel projects, English papers, or general health and career advice. Life gets really stressful sometimes, work piles up, and we need to find ways to divide our time between ourselves, our work, and our friends. There are so many useful organizations throughout all these different fields at Villanova, but initially they can be hard to find or access. On September 4th, one of the first opportunities we had to seek and immediately find all of these organizations was the Student Resource Fair in the Nydick Commons.

The Health Center

Every organization dedicated to helping the student body of VSB was present, from professionals to student-run groups. Tables were set up with a sign indicating which group was which. The first organization I learned about and took some complementary pamphlets from was the Health Center, which is located across the street from Bartley Hall and adjacent to Driscoll. Two nurses behind the table answered every question I had, from getting better sleep to quick, easy cures for colds and stuffy noses. They also had pamphlets from health topics ranging all the way from the common cold to mental health (since you can also get free individual or group counseling at the Health Center) to STDs. They encouraged me to take some of these pamphlets about the subjects we talked about, since they would have more in-depth information regarding them.

MLRC and Writing Centers

I then moved on from the Health Center’s table to the tables for the Math Learning Resource Center and the Writing Center. These organizations are located on opposite sides of the hall in the library on the 2nd floor. They both utilize the skills and experience of upperclassmen as well as professional, paid tutors. I have not yet had to use the MLRC, but I have been to the Writing Center a few times, meeting with students and tutors. They always give very constructive feedback and advice whenever I visit. They both have sets of walk-in hours where you can drop by and be helped by the earliest available student or tutor, but if you know your schedule and want to be proactive, you can go online, sign in with your Villanova account, and schedule an appointment with anyone with available time slots.

The Clay Center

The final table that I visited was for the Clay Center. The Clay Center is the advising hub for VSB. You can schedule appointments with your advisor, sit down and talk to fellow VSB Ambassador students, and sign up for various career planning and professional development events. I utilize the Clay Center often, even if its just to say hi to Kimberly at the desk, chat, and take a lollipop for the road.

Overall, the Student Resource Fair was a very worthwhile event to attend. Having little to no experience with the inner workings of Villanova, learning about the different outlets for support and help for students was extremely helpful and led me to use many of them.


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